Most fitness products on the market only focus on the physical. haze is a new approach to practicing fitness that combines working out with mindfulness.

We are on a mission to bring mental health and physical health together into one space, through the use of sensory fitness products that help connect the mind and body through the power of colour, touch and scent.

We believe good physical health cannot exist without good mental health - they are two sides of the same coin, both intrinsically linked and vital to our overall wellbeing. 

So whether it's one of our soft touch mats perfect for post-workout meditation or our acupressure mats that relieve post-workout pain and anxiety, our products combine both worlds so you can get more in tune with yourself. 

5% of our sales support mental health charities, so your purchase with us goes further. 


Female Founded 

"After struggling with our mental health at different points in our lives, we both found solace in fitness and mindfulness. It left us both wondering why they were never taught together. We launched haze to connect both worlds with a mission to help you connect with yourself as well as your training".
Connie & Hollie - Founders 

Connie is a Personal Trainer and Creative Director obsessed with wellness. Hollie brings her business and innovation skills. Along with a dedication to mindfulness both at home and work. And a deep belief in creating businesses that drive positive change and impact.

Independent Business
We are a completely independent business which means your purchase means the world to us. Thank you for shopping local! 


Contact Us 

We'd always love to hear from you at hello@haze-fitness.com