The New Fitness Trend

Mindfulness Meets Fitness

Inner wellbeing has become even more of a priority for fitness lovers, according to Foresight Factory’s trend report.

“Mental wellbeing has become a taboo-free talking point and is now considered as important as physical wellbeing. Meanwhile, society is normalising practices that promote everyday mental hygiene. These include mindfulness and breathing techniques, talking therapies and medicinal support – as well as general wellbeing behaviours like good sleep, regular exercise, balanced nutrition and social connectivity, all of which are associated with mental health benefits.” 

And with this unstoppable rise of mindfulness, comes a new, exciting approach to fitness too. Mindful fitness combines both mental and physical health and wellbeing to optimise your time and get the most out of a session. This trend is moving fast, and at haze this is what we have stood for all along, so it’s music to our ears.

New Fitness

But What Is Mindful Fitness?

Think about Yoga, which has been combining movement and mindfulness since it began. The amazing, relaxing moment in Savasanah where essential oils or incense is burned, and meditation closes the session is the perfect example of how movement can be combined with mindfulness. But this is slowly moving into the fitness world as well – more and more studios are offering mindfulness as part of their offering, whether its meditation sessions, gym retail spaces selling aromatherapy or even breathwork practitioners doing post-workout rituals after a heavy gym session or HIIT class.

 And we’re here for it! It’s hard enough as it is to find time to workout AND meditate, so why not do both at once? Habit stacking (where you add a new habit directly after a solidified one) has been proven to work wonders for consistency, so if you’re struggling to meditate, journal or do breathwork once a day, adding it to the end of your workout might be the perfect solution.

You can discover a range of new fitness products by haze that connect the mind and body – from our new fitness mats with soft touch surfaces for meditation, or our acupressure mats perfect for anxiety or post-workout recovery. Try it today, and see how it benefits your mind as well as your body.