Not Progressing In Your Workouts? Lack of Sleep Might Be The Reason.

Why Sleep Is Vital To Training Progress

It doesn’t matter if your goal is fat loss or building muscle, if you’re not sleeping for at least 7.5 hours per night you could be seriously sabotaging your gains.

 So why is it so important to get a full night’s kip daily?

 Workout recovery

You’ll Eat Less

When you sleep for at least 7.5 hours per night, your body retains more energy which means your appetite is reduced – extremely important if your goal is fat loss. Numerous studies have shown that those who don’t sleep enough can unknowingly consume on average 380 calories more per day. When you think about that over the course of the week, you could easily be consuming an extra 2600 calories– that’s over a whole day’s worth of food! Get 8 hours and your body’s blood sugar levels will stabilise, and so will your cravings.


You’ll Expend More Energy, Which Burns More Calories

When you sleep well, you burn more calories just by simply being. Have you ever heard of NEAT? NEAT stands for Non-Exercise-Activity-Thermogenesis, and is basically the energy you expend when you’re not exercising. So this includes things like fidgeting and walking, which you naturally do more of when you sleep well, without even knowing it. Believe it or not, your workout only burns a small percentage of calories vs your NEAT.  


You’ll Work Harder in The Gym

More energy = better workouts. If your goal is muscle gain, you’ll be able to lift heavier and progressively overload faster. If your goal is fat loss, the extra energy will allow you to push that little bit harder during your session and burn those extra calories. You’re also much more likely to actually hit the gym in the first place after a good night’s kip – and consistency is the single most important factor when it comes to seeing results.


Protein Synthesis

You’ve probably heard that muscle gains happen when you sleep, not in the gym. And it’s true. Sleep enhances muscle recovery through protein synthesis and growth hormone release, so without it you could be leaving some serious gains on the table. Rest is vital for the body to repair and rebuild muscle fibres which is what contributes to increasing muscle size. If your goal is fat loss, this is no different – the more muscle you have, the more energy you will burn – muscle gain should be your number one priority to burn more calories as well as give the ‘toned’ look so many people are looking for.

So moral of the story is – get your 8 hours! You’ll see a huge difference with your training, results and mindset too. Sleep really is king – so make sure you don’t neglect it!